Friday, November 17, 2000

What is OpenBSD?

OpenBSDOpenBSD is a free Unix-like operating system that is built with security in mind. The code is carefully audited and patches for bugs are quickly released.

Here are some of my own reasons for using it:

  1. Security: Because of a thorough audit, OpenBSD is known for being one of the most secure operating systems around.

  2. OpenSSH: Provides secure shell access to Unix, *nix and Windows.

  3. pf: OpenBSD's own packet filter. It's easy to use, very flexible and keeps the bad guys out.

  4. Flexible software: By only using the packages and ports that come with OpenBSD, I've been able to install just about everything I needed to get my server up and running.

  5. Ease of setup: Once you understand the disk partition tool, setup is a breeze.