Thursday, October 3, 2002

RDP through SSH

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Terminal Services is a method of logging into a Windows XP Pro or Windows Server box. Unlike VNC where you control the console, with RDP, you get your own session. Terminal Servers can have many users connected at once. It is possible to tunnel an RDP session through an SSH connection.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Mail through SSH

sshMy mail server (and web server) are hosted by (with GREAT service, by the way). InfoVue uses Digex for its presence on the Internet.

One day, while at work, I was unable to connect to my mail server at This was odd because my uptime has always been very good. After using tracert, I discovered that UUNet and Digex were having some sort of communications problem. My company gets its Internet access through UUNet. Another piece of evidence proving this was the case: I could use SSH to connect to my home network (hosted by my cable modem) and my home network could connect to

VNC through SSH

VNCViewerAT&T Research Labs developed Virtual Network Computing (VNC) as a means to remotely control your servers over the network. It's similar, in function, to PCAnywhere with one MAJOR exception: it's free! RealVNC now maintains the original VNC product.

AT&T provided information (link to archive) about configuring SSH and VNC to work together for a more secure connection. They also have Windows specific information (link to archive). This document was based on their information and blood, sweat and tears. ;-)