Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam TenHolly and I have been to see Pearl Jam three times. The first time was in 1996 at Merriweather Post in Columbia, MD. You had to call in to get the tickets and I got in almost right away. We were still in the last row under the pavillion, but HEY we were under the pavillion. My only complaint from the show was that I didn't get to hear Porch, which is maybe my all time favorite Pearl Jam song.

The second time we saw them was in 1998 at the Tibetan Freedom Concert at RFK Stadium in DC. We were pretty far away, but PJ was incredible, as always! The show was GREAT!

The last time we saw Pearl Jam was in 2000 at Merriweather Post (again). They ended up playing all of our favorite songs: Porch, Insignificance, Soon Forget, Leaving Here and my new favorite song, Evolution. This time, though, we got our tickets through The Ten Club and our seats were GREAT! Unfortunately, due to a personal issue with a member of the band, Sonic Youth could not open, so PJ ended up playing longer than normal. When they came out for what seemed to be the first encore, Eddie tells us they're starting the second half of the show.

After the 2000 tour, Pearl Jam released a lot of their foreign and US tour dates on CD for the general public to buy. We have several, including the Merriweather Post show. They are absolutely fantastic. Each show is different enough that even though they're playing a lot of the same songs, it's like listening to a different set of songs (which, I guess, it is).