Friday, May 21, 2004

What the heck is OpenBSD? Is it like Linux?

FAQOpenBSD is a FREE/secure operating system that is based on Berkeley's implementation of Unix. It's not Linux, but it is like Linux in that it is based on Unix. It falls into the category of "*nix." But, it is very different from Linux. Linux has become a very easy to install, somewhat easy to configure and use Unix-like operating system. It works with a vast array of hardware and software and has world-wide support. OpenBSD focuses on security and stability. If you are interested in using OpenBSD, read man pages, search Google and ask questions OpenBSD mailing lists.

Are you a hardware guy or a software guy?

FAQI'll answer this question by asking YOU a question, again:

Why limit me? I do what it takes to get the job done. Get my hands dirty working inside a PC, server, LAN Closet, ceiling, rooftop, ... to fix a problem, I do. I do everything from set up PCs from spare parts, to crimping cables, to writing programs, to configuring routers, firewalls and server software (oh my!).

Are you a Windows/Wintel guy or a Unix guy?

FAQI'll answer by asking YOU a question: Why limit me?
I always try to use the "Best Tool For The Job".
As many Windows people are willing to admit, there are times where *nix (meaning all Unix and Unix-like Operating Systems) is the "Best Tool".

Unfortunately, though, Unix people are often against admitting that sometimes Windows IS the "Best Tool"
So... the short answer is BOTH.

What is "-ME"?

FAQMy initials. Clear and simple. I started signing my emails as "-ME" and you'd be surprised how many people think I'm being "cute" like, "Hi, it's me". No. Just easy to type.

What is FAQ?

FAQFrequently Asked Questions. It's an "Internet Term" meaning: I hear this question all too often and hope that people will stop asking if I answer it on my web page.