Saturday, March 26, 2005

Configure OpenBSD Mail Gateway

OpenBSDA very effective way to filter viruses and SPAM for multiple email domains is to use OpenBSD, OpenBSD's spamd, ClamAV and SpamAssassin with OpenBSD's included version of sendmail.

You can also use this configuration as a mail gateway in front of Microsoft Exchange servers if you have concerns with putting Exchange's SMTP port "on the Internet."

Here's how to set it up:

Site-side SpamAssassin for OpenBSD 3.6

SpamAssassinSpamAssassin is an open-source spam filter. It uses a variety of tests to determine if an email message is SPAM or not. If determined SPAM, it can change the subject and the header of the message so that your mail program can move the message to a different folder (clearing up your Inbox).

For, I do not use a site-wide configuration, but in other SpamAssassin installations I maintain, I do. Here's how to set up SpamAssassin in a site-wide configuration on OpenBSD 3.6.

Installing SpamAssassin 3.0.2 on OpenBSD 3.6

SpamAssassinSpamAssassin is an open-source spam filter. The package/port shipping for OPENBSD_3_6_BASE (what's on your CD... you bought a CD, right?) is an older version of SpamAssassin.

The version of SpamAssassin that is included with OpenBSD-current (OpenBSD 3.7-beta) compiles and installs cleanly on OpenBSD 3.6.

ClamAV 0.83 on OpenBSD 3.6

ClamAVClamAV, the GPL antivirus package for *nix will be included in OpenBSD 3.7 (which will be released on May 19). Before ClamAV was added to OpenBSD's ports tree, had been maintaining a port. After the addition of the port, this site stopped providing the port.

Using fatbsd's last port (clamav-0.80_3.6.tgz) and the port in OpenBSD's -current ports tree, I was able to backport ClamAV 0.83 for OpenBSD 3.6...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

OpenSSH 3.7 Pre-Orders Open

OpenBSD Pre-OrdersOpenBSD Pre-Orders are now open at This looks to be their best release yet... but then I've said that about every release.

So, go ahead... pre-order a CD... a shirt... and drop a few dollars for the cause.

Use OpenBSD... You'll be glad you did.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Welcome to

Our Family I'm Mike Erdely. I'm married to a beautiful, wonderful woman: Holly. She's my best friend. We don't have kids, but we have pets: a cat (Samantha) and two dogs (Cali & Sydney).

Saturday, March 19, 2005


PuttyPutty is a free SSH client for Windows.

The Putty project also includes a command line client (plink), an scp client (pscp), an sftp client (psftp) and an ssh-agent application (pageant).


AdiumXAdiumX is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client for Mac OS X.

AdiumX is fantastic! It's still a little immature (pre-1.0) but the potential makes it easy to overlook the occasional bug or crash.

My Setup

OpenBSDEither at home or on my server that's hosted, I use OpenBSD in many ways:

  • Firewall: OpenBSD's pf filters connections for hosted server. At home, it provides Internet access for my LAN and wireless networks while protecting my LAN from my wireless network.

  • Apache: With Apache, I serve this site (

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Rafik Hariri Assassinated

In memoriam of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri On February 14, ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri was murdered by a car bomb explosion that killed 18 people.

From everything I've read and everything I've been told since then, Mr. Hariri was a great man who could easily be compared with JFK or MLK. Even before the war in Lebanon ended, Mr. Hariri was already leading a rebuilding campaign that lasted years. He invested much of his own personal fortune to rebuild (and build new) schools, hospitals, hotels, the airport, etc, and brought them back into a thriving nation.

Today, Holly and I attended a memorial for Mr. Hariri at Georgetown University put on by the Hariri Foundation. It was very moving to hear some of the things that the very prominent people had to say. Before the speakers began, movies about Mr. Hariri's life were shown.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

OpenSSH 4.0 Released

OpenSSH 4.0 was released today!

See my SSH section for more info.