Saturday, March 19, 2005

My Setup

OpenBSDEither at home or on my server that's hosted, I use OpenBSD in many ways:

  • Firewall: OpenBSD's pf filters connections for hosted server. At home, it provides Internet access for my LAN and wireless networks while protecting my LAN from my wireless network.

  • Apache: With Apache, I serve this site (

  • DNS: I use Bind9 both at home and for

  • DHCP: dhcpd provides addresses to network clients at home on my LAN and wireless networks. I use dhcrelay to pass DHCP to the wireless network through the firewall.

  • SSH: Using OpenSSH, I can access internal machines at home, at work, and at the hosting company from almost anywhere. I can use many different clients: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, ...

  • Samba: At home, my Windows clients can connect to Samba shares to access files stored and printers hosted on the server.

  • SMTP: Sendmail is configured with an SSL certificate to provide a secure means for my users to authenticate and send emails over unsecured networks.

  • Anti-Virus: ClamAV provides virus scanning for email.

  • Greylisting: OpenBSD's spamd provides greylisting where a sending server has to attempt to send email twice before the message is accepted. Most spammers only make one attempt.

  • Spam Filtering: SpamAssassin marks likely spam with a header flag so mail client rules can move such messages into a Junk folder.

  • POP/IMAP: With Courier IMAP and an SSL certificate, my users can read their email securely from anywhere.

  • Squirrelmail: Web access (HTTPS) to email.

  • Pure-FTPD: An FTP server set to require SSL connections for my users to be able to securely upload their web site files.