Sunday, March 13, 2005

Rafik Hariri Assassinated

In memoriam of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri On February 14, ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri was murdered by a car bomb explosion that killed 18 people.

From everything I've read and everything I've been told since then, Mr. Hariri was a great man who could easily be compared with JFK or MLK. Even before the war in Lebanon ended, Mr. Hariri was already leading a rebuilding campaign that lasted years. He invested much of his own personal fortune to rebuild (and build new) schools, hospitals, hotels, the airport, etc, and brought them back into a thriving nation.

Today, Holly and I attended a memorial for Mr. Hariri at Georgetown University put on by the Hariri Foundation. It was very moving to hear some of the things that the very prominent people had to say. Before the speakers began, movies about Mr. Hariri's life were shown.