Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Binpatch: Errata up to 004 & OpenSSH 4.3

OpenBSDGerardo Santana's Binpatch System is a fantastic way to keep your OpenBSD sytems up to date.

With Binpatch, you create a directory structure not unlike the OpenBSD ports tree. For each update, you create a section declaring the patch and a section to build the binpatch. Take the i386-only 004 Errata, for example. Append PATCH_I386= with "004_i386machdep" so the line looks like "PATCH_I386=003_i386pmap 004_i386machdep". Then, create a make directive for the patch using "004_i386machdep: _kernel" so binpatch will use its built-in kernel building routine. You can see my entire Makefile for the full effect. Now you're ready to get started building the binpatch for 004...