Sunday, March 26, 2006

006_sendmail binpatch

OpenBSDThe OpenBSD team has released patches for sendmail on OpenBSD 3.9 (to be released May 1), 3.8 and 3.7.

I've created a binpatch for 3.8.

My binpatch includes SASL support built in (with WANT_SMTPAUTH=1 in /etc/mk.conf and the cyrus-sasl-2.1.20p4 package installed).

To make this happen, I manually downloaded 006_sendmail.patch and copied it to my binpatch/patches/common directory as 006sasl_sendmail. I modified my binpatch/Makefile by adding "006sasl_sendmail to the COMMON= line and with this section:
    cd ${WRKSRC}/gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail && \
    (${_obj}; ${_depend}; ${_build})

Then, from my binpatch directory, I ran:

sudo make PATCH=006sasl patch
sudo make PATCH=006sasl build
sudo make PATCH=006sasl plist
sudo make PATCH=006sasl package

Note: I had previously created a 000sasl_sendmail binpatch (made before 006_sendmail) to use binpatch to install a SASL-enabled sendmail to a system without /usr/src installed. I created an empty 000sasl_sendmail.patch patch file in the binpatch/patches/common directory, added 000sasl_sendmail to the COMMON= line and had a section similar to the one above for 006sasl_sendmail.

After making the 006sasl_sendmail binpatch that I use, I created a straight 006_sendmail binpatch (without SASL support built in). To do this, I added 006_sendmail to my COMMON= line. My sendmail build targets line now looks like "000sasl_sendmail 006_sendmail 006sasl_sendmail:". I went into binpatch/work-binpatch-3.8/{src,obj}/gnu/usr.sbin and renamed the sendmail directory to "sendmail_sasl". I then removed the "WANT_SMTPAUTH=1" line from my mk.conf and built the 006_sendmail binpatch.

My binpatch files are available:

Anyone paying attention may notice that I did not include a patch for 005_ssh. Instead, I created an OpenSSH 4.3 upgrade binpatch.