Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Server

OpenBSDI've finally finished moving to a new server. It's slightly faster. The biggest benefit, though, is that I'm now hosting in my house. I now have business-class FiOS service through Verizon. With that, I get static IP addresses and they don't block any ports.

Access to email and my web site should feel a little faster because I've got a 15/2 Mbps pipe all for Previously I was sharing a T1 (1.5/1.5 Mbps) with other customers of the ISP.

Enjoy the new bandwidth!

Server Specs:

  • An old Dell Dimension Pentium III 866 with 512 MB RAM

  • Two 30 GB hard drives with /home RAIDed using RAIDFRAME

  • OpenBSD 3.8

  • The website is running the stock Apache with OpenBSD 3.8 and Wordpress 2.0.2.

  • My Picture Gallery is running Gallery 2.0.4.

  • My mail server is running the stock sendmail that comes with OpenBSD 3.8 (with the SASL option compiled in) and Courier IMAP/POP3 with SSL from ports.

  • Webmail is provided by Squirrelmail 1.4.6.


  1. If you don't mind my asking, what's the FiOS running you? Verizon is claiming they're rolling here in Philly, so I'm somewhat interested (they've claimed it before), but not interested enough to call and ask them (and their site appears to have fallen of the idiot tree, hitting every branch full of moroncorns on the way down).

  2. Originally, I had residential FiOS. It was $45/mo. for 15/2. I was planning on moving my services home with that knowing that I had to deal with a dynamic IP address. But I found out they blocked port 80. Not 25. Not Samba. Just port 80. Well that'd make my site pretty useless. So, now I'm paying $100/mo. for 15/2, 5 static IP addresses, no PPPOE and no blocked ports. It was pretty nice not having to deal with PPPOE too.

    I've heard of people in my area who found that FiOS was unavailable for them on the website, but called and found it WAS available. I'd call.

    Good luck.