Sunday, April 30, 2006

OpenBSD 3.9 Released

OpenBSD 3.9You already ordered your CD, right? And made an even small donation? Be sure to buy a shirt for extra padding for the CD case.

OpenBSD 3.9 has officially been released and is available for download. This is great news for me because not all precompiled packages are on the CDs. Release day means a wget to download the rest of the packages.

Here is Bob Beck's announcement message:

OpenBSD on Intel Mac Mini

Mac MiniToday I started trying to load OpenBSD on my Intel Mac Mini.

A couple weeks ago, I loaded Apple's Boot Camp to dual boot with Windows XP. It was neat. But I don't really care to run Windows on my Mac.

Now that Boot Camp is on my computer, though, I figured I could probably get OpenBSD installed. I tried installing from my OpenBSD 3.9 CD first. But it wouldn't boot past USB device scanning. I downloaded a a 3.9 snapshot from April 29, 2006, and OpenBSD installed. But...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Introducing OpenBSD 3.9

OpenBSD 3.9With tomorrow's (May 1) release of OpenBSD 3.9, offers an article in which "Open Source expert David Chisnall gives us the ins and outs of where OpenBSD has been, where it is now with the new version 3.9, and what lies ahead in the future." (link to article)

The article also brings a brief history of how OpenBSD came to exist, their fight for openness, their financial struggles and where OpenBSD is going.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

GoDaddy donates $10k to OpenBSD/SSH

GoDaddy.comGoDaddy announced today that they've donated $10,000 to the OpenBSD and OpenSSH projects.

Here is a PDF of the GoDaddy Press Release.

GoDaddy is a cheap registrar for Internet domain names. I use them at work and am planning to switch from Network Solutions for at the end of the year. It's fantastic to see another company donate to the OpenBSD project (see my post about the Mozilla foundation).

The text of the PDF follows...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Riviera Cancun

Riviera CancunA couple weeks ago, Holly and I took a nice 4 night trip to Riviera Cancun (just South of Cancun "proper"). We stayed at Secrets Capri and we took a few pictures.

The accomodations are really nice and everything's (just about) included. And, there're NO KIDS! :)

Pearl Jam on SNL

Pearl Jam on SNLLast night on Saturday Night Live Pearl Jam performed two new songs: World Wide Suicide and Severed Hand.

I thought just about the only redeemable quality from Lindsey Lohan was her enthusiasm when introducing Pearl Jam.

World Wide Suicide was great. Holly and I immediately loved that song when we heard it. They're performance was great!

Severed Hand was pretty good. The music was awesome, but the vocals and lyrics left some to be desired. That's OK, though... a lot of times there are some new PJ songs that take time to grow on me.

I'm more excited than ever, now, to see them next month!

ftp-proxy in 3.9

OpenBSD 3.9One of the new features in OpenBSD 3.9 is a different ftp-proxy.

The old (pre-3.9) ftp-proxy wasn't too bad. I had a couple of issues with it, but this new ftp-proxy is incredibly easy to set up and worked in all of my test cases...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

OpenVPN + DNS + OS X

OpenVPNOS X has a very cool feature built into to its resolver: /etc/resolver. It allows you to specify different DNS servers for different domains. After creating the /etc/resolver directory, I can create a /etc/resolver/ file with "nameserver" in it. Now, my Mac will use for resolving and whatever my ISP assigned me for everythying else.

When is this useful? runs a MySQL server. My firewall blocks attempts from the Internet to port 3306. But suppose I want to just run a MySQL admin tool from my PowerBook and don't want to mess around with SSH tunnels.

With OpenVPN & /etc/resolver/, I can seemless move from external user to internal user with two clicks.


TunnelblickTunnelblick is a very nice GUI for OpenVPN. A tunnel icon is added to the menu bar. You can click on the icon to connect/disconnect to your VPN.

The "stable" version (2.0.1) allows for connnecting to a single VPN. You create a ~/Library/openvpn directory and save your configuration file as openvpn.conf.

The 3.0 Release Candidate (I just now noticed that RC2 is out) allows for the ability to connect to multiple VPNs depending on the name of your configuration file. Save your configuration file as Server1.conf, Server2.conf (where "Server1" is an arbitrary string).

I can't see using OpenVPN on a Mac without it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

001_sendmail binpatch 3.9

OpenBSDI've just installed my first OpenBSD 3.9 box and the first thing I did was set up my binpatch environment. As I explained before, OpenBSD has released a patch for the sendmail vulnerability released March 25, 2006.

So, I've created a binpatch for 3.9.

Firefox Released

Get Firefox!Firefox was just released! This is especially great news for Intel Mac users. This is the first official release that's a Universal Binary (meaning that it will run on Intel and PowerMac machines natively).

Besides some bugfixes, there doesn't seem to be much else new besides being a universal binary.


I got my OpenBSD 3.9

OpenBSD 3.9As I pull up to my mailbox today, I wondered, "Is today the day?" Guess what... It IS! My brand new OpenBSD 3.9 CD and t-shirt were waiting for me in my mailbox.

I rushed inside and ripped open the package. Again, the t-shirt provided good protection for the CD during shipment because the CDs and case are in perfect condition.

Thank you, OpenBSD!

More to come...

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Mozilla Foundation Donates to OpenBSD/SSH

Mozilla FoundationThis week the Mozilla Foundation announced that they donated $10,000 to the OpenBSD project for the development of OpenBSD and OpenSSH. I recently posted that you should support the OpenBSD project and there have been several articles (undeadly) written about OpenBSD's financial situation.

This, I believe, is a great move for the Mozilla Foundation. The OpenBSD project releases some pretty fantastic code that the Mozilla Foundation admittedly uses. I personally use Firefox and Thunderbird on OpenBSD and on my two Macs. My wife uses Firefox on her Windows PCs at home and at work. I, as the "IT guy" for everyone I know, recommend Firefox to my friends, family and have made it the corporate standard at work.

This is, indeed, fantastic news! Hopefully other companies will follow suit.

Women's National Champs '06

2006 NCAA National Champs
We did it!. The University of Maryland Women's Basketball team defeated Duke in the 2006 Women's National Championship in one of the most exciting (men's, women's, pro) basketball games I've ever seen.

While in Mexico, Holly and I were able to convince the "Sports Bar" to show the game. We were the only ones in the room form all but the last minute of regulation and overtime. There were even people complaining that their Latin Dance class was starting late because we were watching the game. But, we were able to see the whole, exciting game!

Holly and I were VERY proud of the Maryland fans for supporting the Lady Terps in their amazing season and championship.

Go Terps!