Saturday, April 8, 2006

Mozilla Foundation Donates to OpenBSD/SSH

Mozilla FoundationThis week the Mozilla Foundation announced that they donated $10,000 to the OpenBSD project for the development of OpenBSD and OpenSSH. I recently posted that you should support the OpenBSD project and there have been several articles (undeadly) written about OpenBSD's financial situation.

This, I believe, is a great move for the Mozilla Foundation. The OpenBSD project releases some pretty fantastic code that the Mozilla Foundation admittedly uses. I personally use Firefox and Thunderbird on OpenBSD and on my two Macs. My wife uses Firefox on her Windows PCs at home and at work. I, as the "IT guy" for everyone I know, recommend Firefox to my friends, family and have made it the corporate standard at work.

This is, indeed, fantastic news! Hopefully other companies will follow suit.