Sunday, April 16, 2006

Riviera Cancun

Riviera CancunA couple weeks ago, Holly and I took a nice 4 night trip to Riviera Cancun (just South of Cancun "proper"). We stayed at Secrets Capri and we took a few pictures.

The accomodations are really nice and everything's (just about) included. And, there're NO KIDS! :)

The resort was just awesome. It has 290 rooms and the rooms are very nice. The pool area was fantastic. We spent most of our time there. There are comfortable lounge chairs and a lot of them have unbrellas. Right by the pool, there's a bar that you can walk up to and grab a drink (if you don't want to wait for the wait staff to come to you). Or, you can hop in the pool and access the lower part of the bar from the pool. Just swim up. We noticed that mohitos are definitely the most popular drink down there. I didn't care too much for them, but Holly liked them a lot.

The beach area was nice. We just liked the pool, so we didn't spend too much time on the beach. We were there for the NCAA basketball finals and the resort set up a projection screen on the beach along with lounge chairs, a buffet and drinks to watch the game on the beach for the Men's Final. The game wasn't exciting but Secrets efforts to provide a nice game atmosphere for the guests was great!

So, the day of the Women's Final I went into the "Sports Bar" to ask if they'd show the game there. They did. Holly and I were the only ones in the room for almost the whole game. Then, just about towards the end of regulation, other guests started to file in for a scheduled Latin Dance Class. I know it was Women's Basketball, but that game was one of the best basketball games I've seen (Men's or Women's, Pro or College). A few people were getting upset that the game was on. I couldn't believe it. We did end up seeing all of overtime and saw our Terps win the whole thing!

The restaurants were really nice. We frequented La Riviera (buffet style) for breakfast every day. We visited the Seaside Grille and La Riviera for lunch. And we hit up Portofino (Italian), Himitsu (Chinese/Japanese) and Oceana (seafood) for dinner. The buffets for breakfast and lunch were great. Portofino served lasagna that was more in line with Italian lasagna than what's served in America. Himitsu had, no kidding, some of the best sushi I've ever had. It was so good, we went back twice.

All in all, if you're looking for a place to get away without the kids, Secrets Capri is a great place to go. Check out their site and see some of the other info. We definitely would go back.


  1. Thank you for writing a quick review on your Secrets Capri trip. My fiancee and I are going there for our honeymoon and are really looking forward to it. Looks to be an incredible resort. I had one question... are the drinks included? I'm seeing mixed review on that topic from some of the other sites we've looked at.

  2. Geez... I left out the most important part! Yes. Drinks are included. I think you have to pay for nicer bottles of wine, though we got a bottle of something red at the Italian place and it was nice. I can't remember, but you may have to pay for more expensive liquors, but their included bar includes top shelf liquors and all beer.


  3. sweet! all you can eat inclusive sushi! I'm heading there in 2 weeks. I'm going to eat sushi 3x's per day and drink till I vomit. (raw fish and all you can drink in Mexico... sounds scary, but should be a good time!)

  4. It's disappointing that you, hoover, didn't include an actual valid email address. I was tempted to just delete your comment as spam, but it seems benign enough.

    Just don't drink the tap water. The sushi was excellent... I was actually pretty surprised at the quality. And we sampled enough drinks to deem them safe.