Tuesday, May 2, 2006

KernelTrap Interview: Theo de Raadt

KernelTrapKernelTrap has a new interview with OpenBSD creater, Theo de Raadt. This is one of the better interviews I've read with Theo. He discusses changes in OpenBSD over the last 5 years (since 3.0), the current, new release (3.9) and the next release (4.0). Theo talks about blobs (binary drivers) and getting documentation from vendors for hardware. Finally, they cover OpenBSD's funding situtation, their calls for donations and even some previously unknown (at least to me) information about the infamous DARPA funding.

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Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • When asked about mini-hackathons, Theo said, "There will be one focused on our new ipsecctl tool, another just for OpenSSH."

  • When asked about donations after the recent press, Theo said, "I think that contributions should have come first from the vendors, secondly from the corporate users, and thirdly from individual users. But the response has been almost entirely the opposite, with almost a 15 to 1 dollar ratio in favor of the little people. Thanks a lot, little people!"

  • When asked why working on OpenBSD is so important to him, Theo said, "The other side is that I've got this great team who I get to play with every day. Why wouldn't that be important?"