Sunday, May 7, 2006

Pearl Jam: Best Band Ever

Pearl Jam on LettermanAs if you need more proof, but Thursday night (May 4), Pearl Jam showed that they are the best band ever. After their televised performance on "Late Night with David Letterman", Pearl Jam performed an encore concert for the fans at the Ed Sullivan Theater. And CBS is offering it (FOR FREE) on their website.

They perfomed (after "Life Wasted" during the show) "World Wide Suicide", "Comatose", "Severed Hand", "Marker In The Sand", "Gone", "Unemployable", "Present Tense", "Do The Evolution", "Why Go", "Porch" ("I Want to Hold Your Hand").

I think this shows that Pearl Jam continues to do this (create music) for the fans. Members of their fan club are given extras for being fans (and a measily $15/year).

This show is also a reminder that no matter how good their albums are, Pearl Jam's live shows are second to none. Check out the video... enjoy.