Tuesday, May 30, 2006

PJ at Verizon Center in DC

Pearl JamYes, yes, yes. All of my posts so far in the music category have been about Pearl Jam. And I know that most people that know me think that Pearl Jam is the only music I listen to. But that's not true. Just to get it out there, I listen to The White Stripes, Green Day (American Idiot - Best Album Ever?), Dave Matthews Band (heard their "All Along the Watchtower") and yes, I'm slightly embarrassed to say, Kelly Clarkson. You can even add some old school hip-hop (Ice Cube & 2Pac) in there.

But tonight...

Tonight is all about Pearl Jam!

Holly got us tickets to the Washington, DC/Verizon Center (was MCI Center) show (May 30, 2006). It was AMAZING! We left our house at around 5:30 and got off at Gallery Place around 6:30. We walked around looking for a restaurant that wasn't TOO crowded. We ended up at The Austin Grill. The grilled chicken tacos were great!

Apparently, we missed the opener. Pearl Jam performed Don't Be Shy. Whatever. (Actually never heard it, so I guess I shouldn't comment)

Each of us bought T-shirts with the avocado logo. Sweet.

We barely made it to our seats (our butts hit and we immediately popped up) as Pearl Jam hit the stage.

When Vitalogy (and later albums) came out, I started to hear people say that Eddie couldn't sing like he did with Ten and Vs.. "Maybe his voice is going." WRONG! Eddie can still belt out the older songs as if it were 1992. His voice is as great as ever. And with his new, old, long hair, Eddie LOOKS like it's 1992! Ah... the good ole days!

And, I may be getting older, but the band still seems young. Mike was jumping around like a 20 year old and the band just sounded great!

The set list (with my comments) included:

And, if you need more proof that Pearl Jam is the best band ever, check out Pearl Jam Forum post about a father & daughter's experience at a show.

I LOVE the new album. And, as usual, after hearing the songs live (and in person), I love them even more. I highly recommend checking it out. Now to get ready for work tomorrow!