Saturday, June 10, 2006

Identity Crisis

Identity CrisisI've always been into comic book superheroes: Superman, Batman and Spiderman (specifically). As a kid, I enjoyed Superman & Superman II, Batman & Batman Returns. As an adult, I loved Batman Begins, the two Spiderman movies and the X-men movies (1 & 2 so far). I can't wait until Superman Returns.

Brad Meltzer is one of my favorite authors. Holly and I have read all of his novels so far starting with The Tenth Justice all the way to The Zero Game. We cannot wait to get our hands on The Book of Fate when it's released on September 5, 2006.

Today I finally read my copy of Identity Crisis, a graphic novel which includes Brad's script and Rags Morales's pictures to tell a great story about a mystery involving The Justice League of America.

Identity Crisis begins with the murder of Sue Dibny, wife of Elongated Man. Members of the Justice League try to find the killer(s) and start to panic trying to protect their loved ones. Other family members are attacked over the course of the story and egos clash while trying to find the murderers. The main characters in the investigation are The Green Arrow, The Flash, The Green Lantern, Zatanna, Black Canary, Hawkman, Atom and Elongated Man. I think using these characters as the main focus makes the story more interesting since they're not "the big three" (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman). Don't worry, though, Batman & Robin, Superman and Wonder Woman are in the story and play a major role.

During their search for the killer(s), a secret from the past comes up that causes some controversy amongs the superheroes. This storyline causes you to question the ethics of some of the heroes and I'm sure some readers won't like that. I actually liked the story and it's "controversial" secret. As others wrote, I think it does add to the humanity of the characters.

The story as a whole is exciting and a page-turner (I read it all in one sitting). Rags Morales translates Meltzer's script wonderfully. Some of the scenes pull at the heart strings (specifically at the deaths of family members).

This book has made me want to read more graphic novels (I'm starting with The Complete Frank Miller Batman).

Image taken from Brad Meltzer's Website.