Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Superman Returns

Superman ReturnsWell, he's back. After a 19 year hiatus from theaters and a 5 year absense from Metropolis, Superman Returns. This time Brandon Routh (like south) portrays Clark Kent/Superman. And he certainly looks the part. He's got the mannerisms for both roles down pat.

As the movie opens, Superman is returning to Earth after a five year journey searching for remains of Krypton. When he gets here, he finds that the world seems to have moved on. Lois even won the Pulitzer for an article titled "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman".

But, as Superman explains to Lois (and we see with Lex Luthor's plans), the world DOES need Superman. Badly.

Lois Lane, played by Kate Bosworth, has had a son and is engaged to marry Perry White's nephew, Richard White, played by James Marsden (who is also Cyclops in the X-Men movies). Five years is a long time. I had serious doubts about Kate as Lois. Both Holly and I were VERY pleasantly surprised that she made a good Lois. The whole Lois being engaged reminded me of the Spider-man 2 storyline about Mary Jane being engaged to Jameson's son. I wonder why. :)

Kevin Spacey is an awesome Lex Luthor. He's over the top, but in a "crazy criminal" way instead of Hackman's "corny criminal" way. As you can guess, Lex has a plot that will get him money and will kill billions of people. And Superman must stop him.

The effects were great! The flying was done really well. I like the new suit (well, it's growing on me). I thought Luthor's plot was a little similar to the one from the first Superman. Not the same, but they could have come up with something more unique.

I'm definitely planning to see it again. During the previews, we saw the trailer for Spider-man 3. I can't wait for Spider-man 3, the next Batman and a new Superman!

Image taken from bluetights.net.