Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Book of Fate Party

Brad MeltzerOn Thursday, September 7, Warner Books/Hachette Books held a book signing party at the Headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in DC. This was an invitation only party during which Brad announced that if you're not part of his family or the publishing company, you're a friend -- you've been "part of the family" since the first book (Tenth Justice). And Holly and I have been.

I've read every single one of Brad's books and one of his comic books (Identity Crisis). He's an excellent writer and his books are real "page turners". I don't ever remember any slow spots but there are always points in each of his books where it's like that big, final hill on a rollercoaster: from that point, the pace picks up and you can't put it down.

After buying his new book, The Book of Fate (which I haven't started yet), Holly and I got in line to have him sign the book.

We waiting in the fairly short line for about an hour or so. Normally, waiting that long for something like a signature is not worth it to me. But the reason the short line had a long wait was not the signatures, it's Brad. He talks to everyone. He takes pictures (dang, we forgot). He remembers you. When we got up to Brad, all I had to do was tell him my name. We got an immediate hug. He asked about my brother, Tom, who introduced me to Brad Meltzer's books. He remembered that my website (back when "regular people" didn't have websites) motivated him to set up his own website. He's the kind of guy that you feel like you can talk to forever. But, being polite, Holly and I wanted to keep it short so that his other fans (friends) could get a chance to speak to him.

This was our second book signing party of Brad's. And it was fun and worth it.

And, his inscription: For Holly & Mike, Two people who are part of our family. Love, Brad

I can't wait to read the book.

Image taken from Hachette Books.