Friday, November 3, 2006

YaifO in 4.0

OpenBSDIt seems that the old YaifO site is down. You can download the latest (as of the last time I checked) from from my site.

Additionally, I've applied some patches to it that fix some of the problems I had with it (including not working under 3.8 and 4.0). Other fixes include the ability to compile the yaifo kernel ramdisk with your ssh_host_keys so you don't have to muck with your ~/.ssh/known_hosts when upgrading. And my favorite patch: use ${SUDO} where ever needed (if defined) so you don't have to run "make" as root.

See my other posts explaining YaifO and how I've used it.

YaifO downloads:

The patches:



  1. I`ve downloaded the yaifo*-40.tar.gz, configured the config-File, moved my to the authorized_keys and did build it.

    After I applied it to the remote Host (using yaifo.fs with a linux-rescue system (wget HOST/yaifo.fs -O - | dd of=/dev/hda) it got it up and working except the fact that I can`t login.

    unable to set user context: Bad file descriptors
    Connection to HOST closed:

    Any hints?

  2. I don't use the yaifo.fs file (never have). I do use the yaifo.rd file (copy it to /bsd on a working OpenBSD box and reboot) and that works fine with the *-40.tgz file.

  3. I set up a yaifo.fs using NIC autodetect and DHCP with my authorized_keys file. I booted to a Linux Rescue CD (per the Yaifo README) of a Linux VM (in VMware) and ran dd if=yaifo.fs of=/dev/hda. When I rebooted I was able to ssh in. Not sure what problem you're having. You may have to track down the developer of Yaifo (of which I am not).