Saturday, December 9, 2006

New Firewall

OpenBSDI've just installed a new firewall... A Soekris using Chris's Flashdist installation. It's running a very limited version of OpenBSD 4.0 which reduces, drastically, the amount of writes to the CompactFlash card.

If you have any problems sending me mail or (like you'd see this) accessing my website, leave a comment.


  1. Mike: What model Soekris did you purchase? Any particular reason for your decision over other models?

  2. Geoff,

    I have a 4501. I chose this model because it was the one my friend had to sell to me. :) Really, before getting the 4501, I hadn't looking much into Soekris devices. So far, though, I'm VERY happy with it.


  3. Do you know if flashdist has been upgraded for OpenBSD 4.1?
    It seems as if Chris perhaps has moved or left the project.

  4. Russell, I don't know. You might check with Chris.