Wednesday, January 3, 2007

BSDTalk Interview

BSDTalkWill Backman, who produces and hosts the great BSD-related podcast "bsdtalk", interviewed me last week. He had interviewed a lot of developers and wanted to get input from a BSD user/admin, like me.

You can download the mp3 or ogg files of the interview. Or, better yet, subscribe to the podcast at iTunes. And, make sure you digg his podcast.

Leading up to the interview, I was fine, but as soon as the phone rang, I was nervous. My throat went dry. Instead of thinking of the conversation I was having, I was thinking of the people who would be listening to it.

We talked about how I use OpenBSD at work, how open to free/open source software we are at work, the difficulty in finding people with BSD skills and how I use OpenBSD at home. And I did mis-speak when I said "mimeassassin" instead of MIMEDefang.