Sunday, February 25, 2007

Children of Men

Children of MenThis weekend, Holly and I saw Children of Men. Great movie. I know I'm writing this the night of the Oscar's, but I loved this movie. I still think Little Miss Sunshine should win (at this time at 10:51 PM ET, it hasn't).

But, Children of Men is a great movie. My only complaint is that there were some slow spots and the movie felt long. But, even after investing a (seemingly) long time with this picture, it was worth it.

Holly and I both said: "I keep forgetting his name or what he's done, but it seems like everytime I see a movie with Clive Owen, I like him."

This movie was great. Everything from the writing, the action, the scenery and, especially, the acting were great. Michael Caine's part was (somewhat) small, but, as usual, he was... oh, I don't know, knight-like.

What if every women in the world couldn't have children? What if the last birth was 18+ years ago and the end world was seemingly "our lifetime" away. What if after 18 years, one women was pregnant?

Not the "Best Picture", but a great movie. I like these "armageddon" movies like "28 Days Later."


Capital BSD Users GroupThe Capital Area BSD Users Group has been formed from the old "MD BUG". We thought it best to think bigger. If our local BSD Users Group gets big enough where we have a conference or something similar, we don't want to hear, "Where the heck is Maryland?" I hope everyone knows where the Capital is.

We, Jason and I, have worked hard to come up with a nice website for the group. If you're in the DC area and are interested in BSD, Unix or Open Source, please check us out and join our Group.

The purpose of our group is to promote BSD, Unix and Open Source -- in that order. Thanks for your support. Chances are, you didn't find my site without using something belonging to one of those three concepts.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

4.0 Errata 008 and 009

PuffyThe OpenBSD team released two new Errata updates for 4.0 (and 3.9):

  • 008_icmp6: Under some circumstances, processing an ICMP6 echo request would cause the kernel to enter an infinite loop.

  • 009_timezone: A US daylight saving time rules change takes effect in 2007.

As always, I have binpatches available. 008_icmp6 includes bsd and kernels.

Binpatch Talk

PuffyOn January 31, 2007, I gave a talk to the Maryland BSD Users Group about Binpatch.

You can read a break down of the meeting and see my slides.

For our first meeting, it went pretty well. We had a decent turn out: 11 people (including me). Stay tuned to for upcoming meeting info.