Tuesday, March 13, 2007

OpenBSD 4.1 Pre-Orders

OpenBSDOpenBSD 4.1 Pre-Orders have been activated on the OpenBSD Orders page.

Darrin Chandler announced that people can pre-order the upcoming OpenBSD 4.1 release which will be released May 1, 2007.

I ordered a CD set, a new polo, Jacek's "Command Line" book and dropped a bit of cash in too. Go forth and support OpenBSD and/or OpenSSH!

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  1. This may not be revelant but i figured i'd post this anyway. If you're using ubuntu 8.10 you may be in for some issues with the network manager. For some unknown reason it stops functioning. You will need to manually set you're resolv.conf with your ISP's DNS servers. That file is located in /etc/network/resolv.conf