Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day -1 (Mon, Jun 4)

medsAfter a long weekend of house cleaning and getting ready for a house guest (we're having a house-sitter take care of the dogs so they can at least stay at home), I worked from home on Monday to finish up a few loose ends. At lunch time I met some friends in Bethesda at the Austin Grill (Hi, Bonita and the Captain). Then I visited my old company, Epok. Shortly after returning home, I came down with a stomach flu (or food poisoning). But, following Occam's Razor, it was a flu. Family had it and after seeing them (thinking everyone had been better for more than a week), I got it.

So, for the rest of Monday, I... uhhh... stayed close to the bathroom. Very close. My fever rocketed to 101.3F, every single joint and muscle hurt, my stomach was doing somersaults and I was wiped out. Holly did her best to get everything ready while taking care of me, but was worried about overdoing it and possibly catching what I had. We finally crashed at around 1 AM and were going to just see how things were in the morning...