Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 11+1 (Sat, Jun 16)

Airplane!We sat on our plane at the gate at the Honolulu airport for 3 hours with infrequent updates like, "We're on the phone with maintenance here and in Tulsa working out the problem with the fuel pump. We've tried several things and have several more things to try. Sorry for the slow updates, it takes a while." Wonderful. At the 3 hour mark, we were told it was going to be at least another hour and we could deboard the plane. I took that opportunity to relax with a Long Island Iced Tea (or two). Holly just paced.

After just under one hour after getting off the plane, we were told we could re-board. Though, we had to wait for all those people that took the hour timeframe literally. After that, we still sat on the tarmac for a while and then, finally, took off.

I dozed for at least two hours after first taking off. Holly not that lucky only getting in a 10-15 minute nap here and there. After my initial nap, I had broken sleep for no more than 30 minutes at a time here and there, broken up by a bit of reading.

We were supposed to have a one hour layover in DFW. Obviously after a four hour delay, we missed our connection. Luckily we were able to get on the next flight to Baltimore. And it has been delayed by about two hours. Great!

While here, we called Holly's parents to let them know we need to be picked up late (Thanks, Glenn!), Holly's mom told us that Sydney decided to chow down on our housesitter's glasses (Sorry, Margaret). So, Sydney gets a trip to the vet and Cali gets a trip to Grandma's for flipping out ("Why does Sydney get to go somewhere and I don't?!?"). Sydney should be OK, but we have to watch her and make sure she doesn't have any problems with sharp pieces.

We're still here waiting for our flight from DFW. We've just been moved to another gate. Holly's in line trying to get our seats changed so we can sit next to each other.

We left Hawaii, why?