Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 2 (Wed, Jun 6)

poolHolly and I got up at a little before 8 to get some final things ready. Holly's dad was coming at 9 to take us to Dulles. I drank some more Pedialite (awful stuff, really) and then some Gatorade and we were off. (Thanks for the ride, Glenn)

With everything that had happened previously with the flights, I was uneasy about everything until we were actually on the plane. The flight was uneventful. We had minor annoyances that seem to happen on every flight. After a brief layover in L.A., we had another mostly uneventful flight. My stomach was still VERY, VERY active for most of both flights, but I felt so-so (not good, not bad). The half chicken sandwich and fries I had in L.A. didn't make things worse. I stuck to water and ginger-ale.

It took forever to get our rental car in Maui and at what felt like 3 AM to us, the drive was pretty rough. We finally checked in at 10 PM (4 AM EDT) and crashed. The cherry on top of the trip to this point was that the room with the king sized bed we reserved was not available and we have a room with a queen and a double. Our consolation prize was that they upgraded us to an oceanfront room. Oh well... we're here. We both just crashed without dinner (I still wasn't hungry).

[small edits by Holly]