Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 7 (Mon, Jun 11)

hotelIs it Monday? It doesn't feel like Monday. Are all you suckers working?

We started our lazy pool day at 8:30 (well, Holly woke up at 7:30) with another buffet breakfast. There was some foul-up with my mimosa (didn't get it until I was done with breakfast), but the food was good.

We spent most of the day by the pools. The "Infinity Pool" was neat; one side of it was shorter than the others and continually overflowed onto some rocks. While Holly and I were hanging out in the Infinity Pool, we remembered how nice Cancun was (no kids).

After I took a nap in the room and Holly took a walk and some pictures, we had dinner at Merriman's Market Cafe (we didn't see any of Shawne's "Lite's Out" memorabilia). Holly had Ahi wrapped in Proccuitto and I had mozzarella/tomato salad (which was awesome) and a nice fish (I think it was kamachi).

Now we're sitting on our lanai (balcony for you Hawaiian neophytes) sipping drinks. Aloha.