Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 9 (Wed, Jun 13)

sunsetThis morning started early with a phone call from a doctor's office 6 time zones away. And, it was a wrong number. And she gave me attitude (her: "it's the number down on the sheet" me: "I don't care... it's wrong"). Life in paradise is rough! I went back to sleep until 9:30.

After another buffet breakfast (first mimosa that showed up before I was finished with breakfast), we went down to the pool for a couple hours. Then, given that it's our last night on the big island, we thought it was a good idea to try out the beach and get in the ocean (having spent most of our lazy time by the pool so far).

The sand is different from the fine sand I'm used to on the east coast (mostly Ocean City, MD & Myrtle Beach, SC). It is made of bigger grains (both regular sand color and a few pieces of black sand). The water was colder than I expected, but once in, it was nice. After getting used to the water, you notice a significantly colder under current as you go further out. We thought about trying snorkling, but we were lazy instead.

We ate lunch by the pool and then spent the rest of the afternoon there. Despite constantly covering myself in SPF50, I got burned in several places. Holly's getting a good amount of sun too.

My servers (well, the firewall) had issues earlier (our UPS decided now was a good time to die). Thanks to Margaret for getting me back online. :) I definitely have some upgrades planned for our return.

For dinner, we went back to Roy's. We were lucky to be seated in Wendy's section again. Both of us go the butterfish this time. Out of this world! We shared a coconut brownie for dessert.

The Big Island was great. Waikiki, here we come.