Monday, July 9, 2007

Yaifo Maintainer

OpenBSDSince Yaifo hadn't been updated since version 0.2 for OpenBSD 3.8, I emailed Waldemar (the original author) and asked if I could take over the project. He said yes, so I am now the official Yaifo maintainer.

I would like to come up with a different name that more expresses that Yaifo is not a different installer, but an enhanced version of bsd.rd (with sshd). I'd also like to come up with a logo. After I get a new name and logo, I'm going to set up a SourceForge project.

If you have name and logo suggestions, leave a comment (or send me an email).

Errata 009

PuffyThe OpenBSD team has released a patch 009 for OpenBSD 4.1 (patch 015 for OpenBSD 4.0).

This is a security fix and applies to all architectures.

Quote from the commit message:
When writing data into a buffer in the file_printf() function, the
length of the unused portion of the buffer is not correctly tracked,
resulting in a buffer overflow when processing certain files.

Binpatches exist for OpenBSD 4.1 and OpenBSD 4.0.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Yaifo 0.4

OpenBSDAnnouncing YAIFO 0.4!

So you don't think I've created/modified/blasphemed the OpenBSD installer, this is basically bsd.rd with sshd+raidframe sprinkled in. Say you're 500 miles from your colo'd server and need to upgrade it. Build your yaifo.rd kernel. Scp it to colodserver:/bsd. Reboot colo'd server. Ssh to colo'd server and you're prompted with "(I)nstall, (U)pgrade or (S)hell".

I've emailed the original author asking permission to take over the project and I haven't received a response. In the mean time, I've updated YAIFO (Yet Another Installer For OpenBSD to my version 0.4. I called my previous set of patches "0.3" though only called it that internally.