Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yaifo 0.5

OpenBSDAnnouncing YAIFO 0.5!

The OpenBSD installer with a terrible name has a new update to coincide with the release of OpenBSD 4.2. New in Yaifo 0.5:

  • amd64 has been tested and is working (it worked with version 0.4, but I didn't have a way to test).

  • macppc added.

  • cleanall make target actually does clean all now.

  • I started to take more ownership of the project (not just functionality) including updating the readme, copyrights and cvs $Id$ tags.

  • Added boot.conf to build a kernel with console redirection (to make yaifo + soekris work properly).

  • Changed the message at the end of an upgrade/install to recommend reboot over halt (because halting a server 1000 miles away would be just plain stupid).

  • Update to OpenBSD 4.2.

  • Use a standard sshd_config and customize sshd through command line options in net.sh.

Download yaifo-0.5 for OpenBSD 4.2.


  1. Hey Mike!

    I was just about looking for your site in my bookmarks, to drop you an email about yaifo and when it will be ready for OpenBSD 4.2. Then I discovered you just released a new version for 4.2 ;)

    What a nice tool! I use it to remote install OpenBSD on rented servers without KVM access.

    Cheers -sd

  2. Ive tried every possible way i can think of, I must be doing something wrong.

    trying to get this working to free up a FreeBSD to OBSD.

    if I write yaifo.fs to the hdd via

    dd if=yaifo.fs of=/dev/ad0 && sync

    then reboot, it wants to boot but then throws up errors.

    hd0a, cant read disk label.

    I cant seem to get yaifo.rd to work with grub either, but I may be barking up the wrong tree with that one.

    your reply would be appreciated.

  3. I've never attempted to do what you're doing and have no experience doing so. Aside from reading the README, I don't have any suggestions.

  4. Hi,

    Just wanted to give an update. Works a treat. Thanks Mike.