Monday, November 10, 2008

Yaifo 4.4

OpenBSDAnnouncing YAIFO 4.4!

There are no new features in Yaifo 4.4 besides bringing Yaifo in sync with OpenBSD 4.4. Thanks to Seth for helping me test and finding some problems.

You can download Yaifo 4.4 from SourceForge.


  1. Hi,

    I attempted to compile this via sudo, it doesn't work all that well... did that functionality break? or does it not exist when you use sudo with a password?

    Thanks, great work though. :)

  2. It works via sudo for me. Do you have SUDO=sudo in your /etc/mk.conf?

    If you do, please subscribe to and email my Yaifo list (linked on the left, near the top) with a log of the failed build.


  3. I added SUDO=sudo to /etc/mk.conf just now, I believed you meant export that as an environment variable.

    I extracted yaifo in my home directory, edited config as instructed.. but trying "make" produced a permissions error.

    As for the mailing list, sorry.. no.. I'll never use email in my life. ;)

  4. You're right. Exporting an environment variable would do it too.
    Couple of thoughts: Is your home directory an NFS mount where root doesn't have the right to write? Did you run `make obj` first? I'm not sure what happens if you don't.

    Without a log of your build, it's hard for me to know what's going on. And your aversion to email makes it kind of hard. Maybe try and paste a link here.

    At first I wasn't going to help you. Your last sentence rubbed me the wrong way. But I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt.

  5. I fixed the problem, this was due to my lack of understanding.. it installed wonderfully.

    You rock dude.. was neat seeing the installer over SSH. :-)

  6. Hey, thanks for all the work. Yaifo is an extremely helpful and underrated tool.