Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Detecting My Wifi Network

OpenBSDOn my laptop, I generally don't have /etc/hostname.* files. Since I don't know where I'm going to be, I don't know which interface I'm going to be using. So, I'll manually run `sudo dhclient em0` or `sudo ifconfig ral0 nwid foo && sudo dhclient ral0`. But, I'm often using my home wireless network.

So, I added a little bit of magic to my /etc/rc.local:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Elbow09 Pictures3: That's Some Serious Hardware

Elbow 09

what a screw
Nice angle of the screw and plates. Not for the squeamish.

Elbow09 Update 6: Now With Less Splint

Elbow 09We visited with the doctor this morning and everyone that saw Holly was very, very pleased with her progress (as am I). She's now allowed full extension and flexion and is allowed to achieve that with some help. That means she can start to give her stretches a little push to get more extension/flexion.

The X-Rays look awesome and her bones are healing nicely. I will see if I can convert them and post them later tonight along with an updated picture of her scar. All of the doctors called her a fast healer. I'm so proud.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UMUC Prior Learning

University of Maryland University CollegeLast semester (Fall 2008) I enrolled in University of Maryland University College's Prior Learning program (EXCL 301). The purpose of this class is to earn credit for learning that was done outside of the classroom. While I've never met anyone that has gone through this class, I had heard of a couple people that completed the EXCL class and earned credit. What I heard was that the class was very difficult and would require an incredible amount of work.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Elbow09 Update 5: Nothing New

Elbow 09Holly had her two PT appointments this week and the PT thinks her progress is good.

We went out to dinner to my favorite restaurant last night (her idea) and guess what: they were out of lasagna. The chef felt so bad, he told me if I come by today, he'd give me some lasagna on the house. :) So I did. I got carry out and we shared it over a nice bottle of Cabernet.

There's really no change to Holly's status. She's continuing with PT and we see the doctor on Thursday.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Using foo2zjs with OpenBSD lpd

HP Color LJ 2006nGetting OpenBSD to print to my HP Color LaserJet 2600n with CUPS was easy. pkg_add cups gtk+2-cups foo2zjs, run cupsd, connect to http://localhost:631/ and add the printer. But, I wanted to take away my need for CUPS and not have to deal with the stupid "Firefox 3 can only print once to CUPS" bug.

So, I took the time this afternoon to make foo2zjs work through the OpenBSD stock lpd and foomatic-rip.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Elbow09 Update 4

Elbow 09Holly's been doing pretty good still. On Wednesday, she went to her first physical therapy appointment. She said that the PT gave her a deep tissue massage and that it felt good. Both Holly and the PT felt pretty good about her range of motion to this point. After PT, Holly's dad took her to work in the afternoon.

On Thursday, we went back to Shock Trauma for her second post-surgery check up. The doctor was still very pleased with how things looked. He seemed to think she should have better range at this point, but Holly said that her range was better with the PT the day before. The doctor is going to monitor her over the next couple weeks and that will determine how much she has to continue using the splint. After meeting with Dr. Eglseder, Holly had her stich removed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Elbow09 Pictures 2

Elbow 09
Note, this is not for the squeamish!

Elbow09 Update 3

Elbow 09This morning, we went back to Shock Trauma for Holly's post-op follow-up appointment. After getting some x-rays, we were seen by the doctors. There really isn't too much exciting to tell with this report. The doctors were very happy with her progress. The x-rays looked great and her motion looked good. She's going to be able to extend her arm an additional 15 degrees each week (to 45 degrees this week).

Holly starts physical therapy as soon as possible (next Wednesday). She won't be able to do any strengthening for 6 weeks and no weight bearing for 2 more weeks after that. And, much to Holly's dismay, she can't have Advil until week 6 either. :(

Monday, March 2, 2009

Elbow09 Pictures 1

Elbow 09

straight elbow
This is one view of her elbow after surgery. The image includes a hand drawing from the surgeon of her pre-surgery break.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Elbow09 Update 2

Elbow 09So, Holly's home.

Yesterday was not that great. Her splint was very uncomfortable and she was miserable. She seemed to be in constant pain, looked like she was running a fever and it was quite hard on her. Then, for some reason, she decided to take the split off for a little bit. It was amazing... It was like she was a different person. She was happy, she seemed pain free and she looked good. The splint had to be fixed.

Yesterday afternoon, Holly's parents joined us at dinner time. It was nice that she didn't have a roommate today and Dr. E. said that she shouldn't expect one (I think he tried to pull some strings based on the night before). Glenn and Martha (and Heather and Chris) have been great with our dogs and looking after Holly and I.