Friday, March 13, 2009

Elbow09 Update 4

Elbow 09Holly's been doing pretty good still. On Wednesday, she went to her first physical therapy appointment. She said that the PT gave her a deep tissue massage and that it felt good. Both Holly and the PT felt pretty good about her range of motion to this point. After PT, Holly's dad took her to work in the afternoon.

On Thursday, we went back to Shock Trauma for her second post-surgery check up. The doctor was still very pleased with how things looked. He seemed to think she should have better range at this point, but Holly said that her range was better with the PT the day before. The doctor is going to monitor her over the next couple weeks and that will determine how much she has to continue using the splint. After meeting with Dr. Eglseder, Holly had her stich removed.

She's a little sore and not feeling as well today. But I think it's from her first PT appointment, going to work, and the doctor's appointment yesterday. And, she isn't sleeping all that great right now, but bouts of discomfort are to be expected as she gets better. Hopefully she'll sleep well tonight. Maybe I'll hit her over the head to knock her out. Or not. :)