Thursday, March 26, 2009

Elbow09 Update 6: Now With Less Splint

Elbow 09We visited with the doctor this morning and everyone that saw Holly was very, very pleased with her progress (as am I). She's now allowed full extension and flexion and is allowed to achieve that with some help. That means she can start to give her stretches a little push to get more extension/flexion.

The X-Rays look awesome and her bones are healing nicely. I will see if I can convert them and post them later tonight along with an updated picture of her scar. All of the doctors called her a fast healer. I'm so proud.

The biggest news of the morning is that Holly doesn't have to use her splint anymore. So, she's excited to be able to wear some of her own shirts and to be able to wear a jacket like a normal person. She'd been wearing my shirts a lot because they were easier to get on and off.

So, splint-less Holly is extrememly excited about physical therapy and making greater strides! She has been warned very sternly (by me) against pushing herself too hard. She has to remember that I am still here to help her. She also asked the doctor about driving. He said, "Well, I never actually said you couldn't drive. But I'm not saying you can drive either." We've agreed that she'll wait to drive until she can start some strength conditioning (about 2 weeks).

If she continues to improve over the next three weeks, the doctor said that she'd be free to go full out in rehab.

All for now... look back tonight/tomorrow for some pictures.