Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elbow09 Update 7: The Final Update (hopefully)

Elbow 09We went to see the doctor this morning. At 7 weeks after surgery, the doctor was VERY impressed with Holly's progress. She can extend her arm to about 4 degrees and flex her arm to about 130 (137 in therapy yesterday). In fact, Dr. E. said that while he can't directly compare her injury with identical patients, she is far ahead in recovery than most elbow patients (with injuries fairly similar to hers). He said that she should be cautious though and not let her progress blind her to possible problems.

At this point, she still can't bear weight but she can reasonably do anything else. She's been driving for about a week now and has been going to work too. She's still a couple weeks away from riding and she's going to start out slow. And she promises to be careful!

We go back to see the doctor in six weeks and if things continue the way they have, he'll discharge her.

Now to remind her how to do laundry! :)