Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yaifo 4.5

OpenBSDAnnouncing YAIFO 4.5!

Yaifo 4.5 has several new features and a new architecture. You can download Yaifo 4.5 from SourceForge. Below is a summary of some of the changes in this release:

  • Support for sgi added

  • Add 'get-files' target to copy authorized_keys and ssh_host*_key files

  • Add SNAPSHOT=yes|no to default to snapshots directory

  • Add install target (requires REALLY=YES environment variable)

  • Start adding landisk support - not complete


  1. Nice to see the new version of yaifo drop the same day as the new OpenBSD release. Good work.

  2. Mike, have you had a chance to test booting the yaifo.rd kernel via pxeboot? I've tried on my home LAN and it hangs after these boot messages:

    booting tftp:/bsd: 7776980+963184=0x855e8c
    entry point at 0x200120

    The same kernel loads properly on the same hardware when I boot it from flash media acting as a local hard disk.