Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Holly's Elbow Incident 2009

Elbow 09For those that haven't heard yet, Holly had an incident with her elbow in February of this year (2009). Before now, I had shared these posts privately amongst close family/friends. But now that we know that everything turned out fine, Holly is OK to make them more public.

Check out the Holly Elbow09 section of this site. It's probably best to start at the first post and work your way backwards.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

RIP Cali

Cali loves the windIt was December, 1997. Holly and I had been married for just about six months and Holly tells me she wants to get a dog. A samoyed, in fact. I told her I wasn't ready for a dog -- I wasn't ready to give up some of the freedoms I enjoyed not having the responsibility of taking care of a dog (feeding, walking, watching, ...).

Lucky for me, I was vetoed. Holly insisted we get a dog and we went to a breeder to look at the new puppies. That's when we found Cali. Who knew how much happiness that beautiful fluffball would bring to Holly and I and anyone that ever came in contact with her.

A couple weeks ago Cali stopped eating. A lot was going on at our house with Holly traveling and me traveling and it's not too uncommon for Cali to get stressed and not eat as much as normal. But she was hardly eating at all. We started to get concerned and took her to the vet.