Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome Eddie

EddieIt's been a stressful year with working on my degree, Holly breaking her elbow, and losing Cali. We thought that Sydney was having a hard time dealing with not having a friend. And, I think after Sydney, we're clearly a two dog family.

We've loved the Samoyed breed and really miss some common Samoyed characteristics that we've had in the house for 12 years. I know we're not ever going to replace Cali, but we thought that getting another Samoyed would make us happy and give Sydney a familiar-ish playmate.

So, we started talking to breeders.

Sydney & Eddie
Of course, after having the "once in a lifetime" experience with Cali, Holly talked to Cali's breeder first. And, to our dismay, she was no longer breeding and is running a Samoyed Rescue. Obviously we applaud her for rescuing these special dogs, but were hoping to possibly get another dog like Cali or even a relative of hers.

We found one about an hour away in Myersville, MD. Marge (the breeder) is awesome. She has so much information to share to make sure your doggie (Samoyed or otherwise) is a happy, healthy dog. She obviously loves her dogs and the only negative thing I have to say is that when all of her dogs get worked up, my ears start to hurt. :) One of her Samoyeds won MVP for the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl! Her little boy puppy that was so cute, we started thinking about getting him and bringing him home.

Marge & Eddie
We spent some time trying to decide if we wanted a boy puppy and if now was the right time to get a new puppy. We decided that Eddie was perfect for us and we should get him before he's gone. I mean, one of Eddie's sisters is going to Denmark! Eddie is SO cute and so playful. And Marge really made us feel comfortable and was great to work with.

So, we arranged a time with Marge (in-between her crazy schedule) to come last Saturday (Friday, August 14) and pick up Eddie. She was due to leave on a trip that afternoon, but took the time to give us tips on Eddie's care and even helped us bathe him (she did most of the work). We took a picture of him with her (look left) and she took a picture of us with him (see left).
new addition
Then she had to run. So, we put him in the back of the Explorer and headed home. He whined a bit, but Samoyeds are known for that. It's not always sadness that causes the "chirping", but talkative-ness. So, he was looking out the window and then would lay down until we hit some traffic and had to slow down, or hit a bump, or made a turn. Then, he'd move around for a minute, maybe chirp and then lay down again. We took a picture of him peering between the seats at us during the drive.

water, not vodka
When we got home, to our surprise, he didn't pee, poo, or throw up. Wow. For a 13 week old puppy's first car ride and having it be over an hour, that's amazing. We fully expected to just throw the blanket in the back of the Explorer in the wash, but no need.

To try to ease the transition, we elected to introduce Eddie to Sydney on neutral ground, so we took them to tennis courts nearby our house. Holly carried Eddie (he's not used to a leash yet) to the tennis course while I went inside to get Sydney. I wish I had taken a picture, but Sydney was just chillin' on the couch. When I walked in, she looked at me with, "OH HAI! Let's watch some TV". So, I let her out and grabbed her leash. About 90% of the way to the courts, she saw Holly and got really excited. Then, she saw Eddie and sort of got excited: WHAT IS THAT?

Sydney & Eddie
The two of them playing in the tennis court was hilarious. Sydney would pounce on Eddie and then run away. Eddie would chase her than try to pounce on Sydney and then start running away. This continued several times until they clearly wanted water... so we headed home.

The afternoon was pretty normal. Eddie chilled out by their water bowl (left). In the afternoon, CJ, Megan, Heather, Martha, and Glenn came by to visit (after Karen and Brandon earlier). We have pictures of CJ and Megan still to upload. CJ was a little apprehensive but Megan was very excited to meet Eddie. It was nice to have Heather, CJ, Megan, and Holly's parents over to see him this afternoon. It was funny watching Eddie run from everyone. He did that to us too, but by the end of the day today, he was coming to us when called and was even walking inside from outside when asked to "come inside".

My mom came over the next day to meet Eddie and thought he was so cute. I'll post pictures soon.

The first few days with Eddie were perfection. He slept all night and didn't have any accidents. Since then, he doesn't sleep through the night as much. But he's only had two accidents. And both are understandable. First, he peed and Sydney peed, then Sydney wanted to come in. But Eddie still had to go #2. But since Sydney was coming inside, so was he... I mean, he can't go anywhere without her. :) The second accident was because he didn't want to pee out in the pouring rain. So, he did when he came inside. :( But two accidents in a week... not bad.

We're taking Eddie to meet Tom (my brother) and Ragnhild, Eric, Noah, and Kevin this afternoon. Pictures will follow.

Why "Eddie?" You don't know us at all, do you?