Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yaifo 4.6 Updated

OpenBSDI just committed an update to Yaifo CVS that makes i386, amd64, alpha, and macppc work with OpenBSD 4.6.

To download, check out HEAD from CVS:

cvs -d co -P yaifo

I'm still testing and tweaking sgi and sparc64.


  1. Very slick Mike! Have heard about this for years and finally had an opportunity to give it a spin… and it was magical! Thank you for taking the time to make (and continuing to make) this!

  2. Thanks, I use this on my router.. one of these days I'll just get a serial cable.

    Have you discussed with the developers about offering someone like this officially? how do they handle remote installations without upgrading using the manual method? (..leaving all sorts of previous release cruft around).

    Take care.

  3. Can we expect support for 4.7 any time soon?