Saturday, January 2, 2010

T-Mobile G1 + CyanogenMod = Pure Win

In April (2009), I switched to T-Mobile and got the G1. The G1 is one of the first phones running the Open Source operating system developed in part by Google called Android (using the Linux kernel). Recently, you've probably seen commercials for the new Android-based phone from Verizon: the Motorola Droid.

The G1 is great. It's about as tall as the iPhone, not as wide, but almost twice as thick. The reason for its thickness is a full hardware keyboard that slides out from underneath the screen. Most phones with large screens tend to have software keyboards: they are programs running on the screen covering up part of whatever application you're using. While I've never tried an iPhone, I had an iPod Touch (which I've since given to Holly) and tried using the SSH client on the iPhone. It was almost unusable because it covered up half the terminal window.

My old phone, a Palm Treo running PalmOS, was paid for by my previous company and so was the service. So, when I started a new job in May, I knew I needed to buy a new phone...