Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yaifo 4.7 Beta

OpenBSDIt's been a while, but I'm almost ready to release Yaifo for OpenBSD 4.7. I have tested my updates with i386, amd64, macppc, and alpha. I consider those architectures "stable". I know sgi and landisk aren't working. I don't have a sparc, so I can't test that. I have to replace a disk in my sparc64, so I'll test that when I can (I expect to have ramdisk space issues).

If you are able or are willing to test sgi, landisk, sparc, or sparc64, test reports and diffs are welcome.

The beta release can be downloaded from SourceForge.


  1. nice!

    but I have a question: do you run out of time?
    your tool is damn usefull in a lot situations but for 4.7 it is "beta" and there is no testing version for 4.8 yet.

    so do you lack time or is it because there are not many people demanding such a installer? :(

    Kind regards,

  2. Been busy. Will try to work on Yaifo over the weekend.
    4.7 never left beta because I got no feedback. If it's actually useful to you, you should maybe participate in the community. Test, report, repeat.

  3. Great tool!

    I only discovered yaifo while investigating 4.7. My system is i386. I found I needed to make the following change to Makefile before I could build.

    # diff Makefile.orig Makefile
    TOP!=dirname ${P}

    Looking forward to 4.8. I've had an idea that involves hacking net.sh to allow automatic detection of the egress interface, similar to something I saw in the livecd distribution from http://openbsd.maroufi.net/livecd.shtml

  4. Where is the community located? Is it just the email list or a forums somewhere on sourceforge?

    I used this last night to install 4.7 on my VM host locally as practice for installing on my host in a 'prod' site and it worked great! I'ld love to go to 4.8, but I'm content to wait, since I've been at 3.8 forever:)

    I'm a little nervous because the VM environment I've tested on is newer than the one I'll be going to, so the drivers have changed (pcn is now vic, mpt is now mpi) although the virt hardware is the same.

  5. There's the mailing list for discussing Yaifo.
    The source code lives on SourceForge.

    Changes for 4.8 have been merged and checked into CVS:

    I've tested macppc, i386 & amd64. I'm having an issue with sparc64, but it seems to work, kinda.