Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yaifo 4.8

OpenBSDI've updated Yaifo to 4.8 to go with OpenBSD 4.8.

It can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

I've tested macppc, i386, and amd64. I'm having an issue with sparc64 and have not yet tested sgi, alpha, or landisk (which I'm pretty sure doesn't build yet). sparc64 works, it just prints out an error message every few seconds. If someone wants to submit a patch, I can commit it and release a 4.8.1 or something.

Please subscribe to the mailing list and submit any test reports, diffs, suggestions.


Oh, and Yaifo HEAD is now sync'd with OpenBSD -current (as of 2010-11-28).


  1. I want to report bugs in OpenSSH for Windows, but the mailing list no longer exists (

    ssh often crashes the first time I try to connect to a server, something about a cygwin lack of resources.

    When I open Command Prompt and ssh into a Linux computer, vi, nano, and other text editors fail to render properly, making it incredibly difficult to edit remote files.

    scp fails to update the screen with file transfer progress.

    scp hangs for 20 seconds after the file has completely finished transferring.

  2. You should report to the source of where you got OpenSSH for Windows. I am not related to that group at all.