Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Methods of Communication

This recently came up in a conversation with my mom, but I thought it'd be worth posting.

Here are my preferred methods of communication:

  1. Email - Non-emergency.  I can read it any time and get back to you whenever.  When I get email, my phone does not vibrate or make noise.
  2. Instant Message - Non-emergency.  This is more of a real-time chat when I'm not busy.  When I get an IM, my phone makes a short, quiet beep that I'd only hear if I was available to chat anyway.
  3. Text Message - Emergency-ish.  You want to talk to me now, but it's not Urgent.  My phone beeps and vibrates when I get a text message.
  4. Phone call - Emergency.  You need to talk to me now.  It may or may not be urgent, but you don't want me to ignore you.  My phone vibrates and plays a loud song when I get phone calls.
It's interesting.  Younger people just default to text messages.  To me, a text message is like a page (from the old one-way pager days).  And, to me, pages mean something bad is going on: a server is down, a friend is hurt, etc.  I'm getting more used to getting text messages as if they're Instant Messages, but I think my list above just makes sense.